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June 4, 2010
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Lady Hawk Knight by Chavito34 Lady Hawk Knight by Chavito34
Lady Hawk comes from an ancient knight order.

She is trained in ancient fight technique where the important is the speed, the precision and the agility as opposed to the strength, for this reason she wears a light armor

The attack of these knights is very fast and precise like a Hawk's attack
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Moonlance Nov 14, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
nice knight order concept
I add some changes in the picture trying to follow your advices

Thanks you guys ;)
sleepywolfe Jun 4, 2010
Wow!! I absolutely love the armor and colors! She looks so majestic and lovely...But you need to take off the 'lady hawk' at the bottom, and the writing at the bottom right because the contest rules say you can't have that stuff on entries : (
Anyway I really hope you get into the finals, this deserves it!!
Thank you sleepywolfe

I thought that it was only the signature what I couldn't put... but ok I will remove all
thanks for adwising ;)

There are lot of good competence in this contest.. I already will be very happy if Iīm beetwen the 25 ;)
Alfisko Jun 4, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Oh poor lady.. one arrow to the torso or the neck and she and all her ancient fight techniques would die.. :-(

The cloak is somehow undetailed next to the character.. You could try to add some wrinkles.
Reference: [link]

The legs of the bird look creepy, you should check that out and rework it.

To the armor - this isn't light in no way, since it's from plated metal and these parts even seem to be quite thick for a light armor. Only very important parts of the body like arms, shoulders, torso should be covered like that. Some studded leather could fit to the rest of the model.

btw: I know it's part of the style that armor is useless but looks very cool. :-)

I hope you win some prize, you certainly have a chance!
Thanks for your comments

you are right about the birds legs... Iīll try to arrenge ...if i have time. :P :)

The cloak it was made like this in porpouse... I wanted to to put out of focus too make somekind of background. One teacher told me one time that one good ilustrator knows what to put in focus and what not.. it what I was trying... I would try to blur it a little bit more.

About the the armour... well, itīs fantasy game ;) If you look the chareacters of the game they are not very logical too ;) Normally I like to be very racional in my designs... but in this one I try to let me lead more for the fantasy.
If you ask me the official reason why I desing her like that I will told you:"She show her belly to psicological reason too. 1st the enemy if is man will be more "confused" and self confident :D and second normally enemies will try to attack this beak point... but she master an unbeatable "ancient fighting movement" against this atack... she offer a beak point but enemies donīt know that when they attack this "easy "point they are in fact signing they sentence to death" ;) but if you ask me the truly reason why I draw her like that... well... it's because she looks more sexy ;)
It's a fantasy game :)
Ah!!... and agains arrows she has the shield ;)

Thank you very much for comments... I will try to upgrade her
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